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Next Congress: 4-7 October 2018 - Budapest


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In order to learn more about the Budapest LIDC Congress (4-7 October 2018) and to register to the meeting, please click on the respective files below.



 Registration and General Information                     Programme



Accomodation                                                           Application Form PDF and Word


The Registration and General Information contains all the useful and basic information about the congress and about Budapest for the delegates and the accompanying persons too.

In the Programme file you find the detailed scientific programme of the congress with Questions A & B, the keynote speeches, the panel discussions etc., as well as the tours and programmes for the accompanying persons.

In the Accommodation file we have collected the hotels recommended by the Organising Committee. There are blocks of rooms optionally booked for you in these hotels. You will find maps that help you in orientation, short descriptions of the hotels, room rates and deadlines, and also links to book your accommodation directly.

The Application Form is both for delegates and accompanying persons. In the header you find the contact information to submit the form.

In case you have any questions about the congress, please contact our PCO at

We look forward to meeting you in Budapest soon.

Best regards,

José Antonio Faria Correa, President of the LIDC

Zoltán Hegymegi-Barakonyi, President of the Hungarian Group of LIDC 

Gusztáv Bacher, Head of the Organizing Committee


Question A: "Who is/should be liable for breaches of competition law: which rules should govern the attribution of civil and (where it exists) criminal liability to the company, parent company, management & employee?"

International RapporteurTihamér Toth

Question B: "How can the holder of intellectual property rights protect its brands in the context of on- and off-line distribution and after-sales service, and does the existing framework for such protection strike a fair balance between the interests of rights holders and the interests of consumers?"

International RapporteurNikolas Guggenberger


National Rapporteurs

Instructions for publication
Springer instructions


National Rapporteurs - Question A

International Questionnaire 

AutricheFlorian Schuhmacher
BelgiqueIsabel Rooms - Gert-Jan HendrixPhilippe Jonckheere
BrésilJoao Marcelo de Lima Assafim
FranceMathilde BoudouThierry BoillotMuriel ChagnyNizar LajnefLauren MechriGuillaume MelotMaud BoukhrisMartina Isola
Allemagne: Carsten Konig

Hong Kong : Catrina LamCherry XuTommy Cheung

Hongrie :  Hargita Árpád and Marosi Zoltán
Italie:  Ottavia Raffaelli and Michele Franzosi 
SuèdeHelen Andersson

Suisse: Suzan Hacisalihzade
UK : Richard Jenkinson 

Ukraine:  Serhiy Shershund and Bohdan Ilchenko


National Rapporteurs - Question B

International Questionnaire

Austria Andrea Zinober
Belgium : Richard Steppe
Brazil : Felipe Oquendo
Czech Republic : Radka MacGregor Pelikánová

France : Linda ArcelinJean-Philippe ArroyoJean Louis FourgouxMarc LauzeralThibaut Marcerou and Anne Servoir 

Hungary Szakács Eszter

Hong Kong: Winnie TamStephanie Wong
Italy :
 Marco Francetti
Romania: Paul Buta

Spain: Anna María Ruiz Martin and Vanessa Jiménez

Sweden: Johanna Spjuth

Switzerland : Pierre Kobel
UK Collette Rawnsley

Past Congress: 5-8 October 2017 - Rio de Janeiro

Question A : "What are the major competition/anti-trust issues generated by the growth of online sales platforms, and how should they be resolved ?"

International Rapporteur : Joao Marcelo de Lima Assafim (Brazil) - International Report and Resolutions  

Chairman : Jason Logendra (UK)

Question B : “To what extent do current exclusions and limitations to copyright strike a fair balance between the rights of owners and fair use by private individuals and others ?"  

International Rapporteur : Benoît Michaux (Belgium) - International Report and Resolutions 



National Rapporteurs - Rio Congress 2017


Instructions for publication
Springer instructions


National Rapporteurs - Question A

Australia :  Barbora Jedlickova
AustriaAstrid Ablasser - Gehrard Fussenegger
Belgium: Steffie  De Cock
Brazil : Pedro Paulo Salles Cristofaro
France : Linda Arcelin - Nizar Lajnef Florence Ninane - Pascal Wilhelm
Germany: Thomas Hoeren
Hungary :  Álmos Papp -  András Horváth
Italy:  Francesca La Rocca
Luxemburg : Gabriel Bleser
Spain : Manuel Canadas
SwedenRobert Molden - Henrik Nilsson - Dagne Sabockis
SwitzerlandAnnemarie Streuli
UKVineet Budhiraja

National Rapporteurs - Question B

Austria : Valérie Eder
Belgium : Manon Knockaert
Brazil : Felipe Barros Oquendo
Czech Republic : Radka MacGregor
France : Martina Isola - Guillaume Couet
GermanyThomas Hoeren
Hungary Zofia Lendvai
Italy : Marco Francetti 
Pologne Aleksandra Wedrychowska
Romania: Paul Buta
Switzerland : Sevan Antreasyan
UK Eleonora Rosati





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